Special Projects


You can play a major role in making our campus dreams come true. Over the years, our donors have stepped up to help fund major projects that have strengthened our foundation of excellence. The Paul Stock Agriculture Pavilion and the Willard Moyer Computer Center are just a couple examples of projects that would not have been completed without our donors’ support.  The beautiful new Yellowstone Building is the latest project to join the impressive list.  Below are a few current projects that could use your special gift today. Call us for more information at 800-498-3914.


Residence Hall Master Plan

Cody Hall has added emergency facility work to the mix of large projects now envisioned for Northwest. Over the years, burmed landscaping against the building’s exterior allowed moisture to penetrate the walls. The hall’s closure limits housing options for NWC students. Ashley Hall was constructed in a similar fashion, and the water has not caused damage to the same extent, but landscaping work is necessary to protect it from future troubles. Colter Hall, the college’s oldest residence hall, is worn out and dated. A facelift and some TLC will modernize this building and make it a place students will be happy to call home. With light shined upon student housing, NWC trustees determined a full review of housing would help them determine the best course of action for all student housing facilities.  

Northwest College needs to renovate its old buildings to attract students. Increased enrollment translates to increased revenue, and when local and state funding are in decline as they are now, enrollment revenue is more important than ever.  You can help us transform the residence halls into a home-away-from home for incoming students.


Northwest College Athletics

Scholarships are the lifeblood of Northwest College Athletics and are the department’s single largest annual expense. Budget reductions forced by declining revenue mean reductions of nearly $300,000 in annual athletic scholarship funding. Raising scholarship money for student athletes will become the primary focus of the Trapper boosters.  NWC’s ‘Trapper Champions’ endowed scholarship campaign aims to develop an ongoing revenue stream for athletic scholarships so coaches can be confident of having resources to recruit quality players and maintain competitive programs. The dream of playing college sports is a powerful motivator for young student athletes, many of whom are the first from their family to attend college. Access to education opens additional doors for student athletes allowing them to become successful in life as well.  We invite you to help us develop student champions!


 Northwest College Women’s Giving CircleWomens_Giving_Circle_SP16_007


When you join the Northwest College Women’s Giving Circle, you become a member of a group of smart, community-minded, curious women with the desire to laugh, learn and make a difference.  We gain your philanthropic support and your insight; you gain access to some of the greatest technology and the most highly educated minds in Park County.  For an annual fee of $100, members receive invitations to 3-4 programs a year, on and off campus.  During the programs, members of the Giving Circle participate in hands-on learning experiences or listen to presentations by visiting authors and college faculty members.  NWC houses a firearms simulator and astronomy lab with a roof that opens to the night sky, and we employ experts on astronomy, mythology, creative writing, public speaking, local agriculture, painting, photography, music, history, nutrition and more.  NWC Giving Circle members attend classes and demonstrations in many of these areas.  Once a year, the Foundation shares information with the group about programs that need support.  Giving Circle members decide how their collective philanthropic dollars will be spent to support students.  For more information about becoming a member of the Northwest College Women’s Giving Circle contact—Tawnya Peterson, 307.754.6034 or tawnya.peterson@nwc.edu.


Friends of Northwest College Music

At Northwest College, we believe that music is a form of magic. Music lifts spirits, joins hearts and minds, and spreads joy. When music unites students and communities like ours, magic happens.  NWC’s students always get top-notch instruction in music theory, performance, history, technology and more. But aspiring performers and music technology students need outside-the-classroom experiences and exposure to high-caliber performers and opportunities. Performing for audiences around the region and connecting with other performers and teachers helps students to imagine the endless possibilities of a future in the music industry, and it also helps them build valuable relationships with industry movers and shakers.  Your support of Friends of Northwest Music will bring fresh, exciting cultural opportunities to our local communities while preparing a new wave of musicians to go out into the world to perform, teach, produce and create musical magic. By becoming a Friend, you will help NWC students travel to music festivals to learn and perform. You’ll also help NWC faculty retool their curriculum to keep up with rapid-fire changes in the music industry. And you’ll add a special magic to this place we all cherish and call home.  For more information about becoming a “Friend of Northwest College Music” contact—Tawnya Peterson, 307.754.6034 or tawnya.peterson@nwc.edu.