Impact on Students


The generosity of our donors helps make Northwest College a special place, known for its academic excellence in more than 107 degree and certificate programs. A long list of scholarships help students achieve their varied goals. Almost half of NWC students receive scholarship aid, more than $1,198,373 in 2018. Each year, donors are invited to a luncheon where they have an opportunity to meet the recipient of their scholarship and get to know more about the student they are helping.



Students and their families are blown away by the financial aid available at Northwest College. In fact, almost half our students receive scholarships. Our donors support hundreds of scholarships earmarked for specific academic disciplines. General scholarship dollars are generally divided among academic and activity areas based upon past enrollment patterns.

Our faculty members play an integral role in selecting scholarship recipients.  In 2018, 596 students received $1,198,373 from our various scholarship funds.


Foundation scholarships are awarded through the Northwest College Trapper Scholarship Program. This program lets prospective students project the amount of financial support they can expect to receive at NWC, based on their established academic performance. The program has become a powerful recruiting tool because it allows families to estimate costs for college.

Donors who fund a scholarship are invited each year to meet and have lunch with their scholarship recipient, getting a chance to know more about each other. Students and donors tell us that making a personal connection can be a rewarding aspect of the scholarship program.

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To learn more about our scholarship program, contact Shelby Wetzel, Cory Ostermiller or Tawnya Peterson at the Foundation.

Shelby Wetzel
307-754-6110 or 800-498-3914

Cory Ostermiller
307-754-6190 or 800-498-3914

Tawnya Peterson
307-754-6034 or 800-498-3914