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NWC Foundation wraps up second annual Giving Day

The Northwest College Foundation held its second annual Giving Day campaign Thursday, March 31.

NWC Foundation wraps up second annual Giving Day

The event aimed to raise critical funding and ensure the sustainability of NWC.

During this 24-hour giving blitz, 355 individuals donated $98,209 in support of the student center ($61,766.50), academic scholarships ($18,905.50), athletic scholarships ($10,510), and other campus support areas ($7,030).

For every 75 donors, a bonus gift was unlocked and added to the total Giving Day donations. Challenge sponsors included Dr. Tom and Rita Anderson, Dave and Sue Bonner, Clay and Lynne Cummins, Engineering Associates, Dick and Jeanne Nelson, Paul Stock Foundation, Richard Walsh and Jennifer DeWitt Walsh and Marge Wilder.

Some leadership gifts were used to unlock bonuses, while others provided matching gift funding for the Student Center during an incentive opportunity offered from 8:30 p.m. to midnight.

NWC President Lisa Watson and her husband Tom Watson also worked to spur participation from current students and recent alumni by matching contributions. A total of 55 individuals responded, including 22 recent graduates and 33 students.

Giving Day was a collaborative effort between the NWC Foundation & Alumni and many areas across campus. Together, they raised awareness about the event and participated in social media departmental challenges.

Donors outside the campus community were engaged through printed mail pieces, social media posts, the Giving Day website and a video.

Those who chose to give online had the option of sharing positive messages and stories about their own experiences at NWC.

Throughout the entire 24-hour Giving Day timeframe—and even afterward—donations from alumni, students, community members, faculty, staff and other Trapper fans continued to steadily come in through the mail and website.

The next day, April 1, a gala was held on campus in celebration of the College’s 75th anniversary. More than 160 people gathered in the Yellowstone Building Conference Center for dinner and a toast to 75 years. Additionally, the 2020 and 2021 Distinguished Alumni award recipients, Clay Cummins and Curtis Clabaugh, were recognized during the evening since receptions were previously unable to be held due to COVID-19.

To learn more about the NWC Foundation, visit

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