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Projects & Programs

As a donor, you become part of the legacy of giving that has made Northwest College a special place. Gifts and grants have funded an astounding number of projects and programs that have forever changed us.  In 1946, we opened as a 100-student school with three instructors who met in borrowed classrooms. Today, more than 1,500 students earn credits on a 132-acre campus featuring 62 buildings.  We couldn’t have done it without donors’ support.

The foundation now owns 50 acres of land adjacent to campus for expansion and manages assets valued at $56 million. We’ve had a hand in raising funds for many facility upgrades and new construction, such as the Willard Moyer Computer Center and the Paul Stock Agriculture Pavilion.

Grants have provided funds for biology lab microscopes, nursing lab laptops, instruments for the music program, nursing skill mannequins, welding equipment, Yellowstone Jazz Camp, physics lab equipment, microfilm readers for the library, and… well, you get the idea.  The list is long and impressive, touching every corner of the campus.

Below are some examples of recent major projects that would not have been possible without our donors’ generous gifts.

Giving Day

The Northwest College Foundation conducted its fourth annual NWC Giving Day on March 21-22, 2024, setting a record for donations with $175,735 raised from 378 donors.  This year’s donations included more than $120,000 earmarked for the Student Center, with more than $12,000 donated by Northwest College employees through a new initiative. Donors were also given the opportunity to “Leave Your Mark” and have their names permanently displayed on the study room walls of the building. Overall, 75 percent of Giving Day participants designated funds to be used for the new Student Center.

We couldn't have done it with out you. We're so grateful for the entire Trapper community!

New Student Center
Student Center5.jpg

Vibrancy: The Campaign for Northwest College celebrates our heritage and drives forward an imperative to transform our campus into an innovative, dynamic center for student learning and community vitality.


We are moving forward to achieve a vibrancy in our buildings that matches the energy and drive of our students. We are putting their vision into practice.


We are building a Student Center that enhances their out-of-classroom learning. This campaign intends to build a vibrant Student Center that will punctuate Northwest College’s sense of community and inclusion. The new Student Center will be a place of belonging – one that captures the Trapper spirit.  Learn more here!

Yellowstone Building

Donors helped fund our newest project, the Yellowstone Building, a 47,000-square-foot home for our nursing, allied health, criminal justice and law enforcement education programs. It also has a community conference center that accommodates workforce-training programs, conferences and community events.

Funding for the $13 million building was provided in large part by the Wyoming Legislature, which contributed $9.38 million toward construction.

The foundation raised over $900,000 to help with costs, and students are contributed through a new $5-per-credit-hour facilities fee. The college drew from budget reserves for the $2 million balance.

Intercultural House

The Northwest College Foundation successfully completed a National Endowment for the Humanities two-to-one matching grant, creating a place all the world can call home. The vision for an Intercultural House came from Harriet Bloom-Wilson, NWC’s now-retired director of international programs, who sought to purchase and renovate a house adjacent to campus.  The ICH features programming, meeting and cooking space, plus a suite for live-in scholars. The home-like setting also functions as a gathering spot for international and minority students attending Northwest College.

Recognized by the NEH as a model project for rural communities, the Intercultural House makes a powerful, physical statement of the importance of diversity awareness and global citizenship.  With additional matching funds from the State of Wyoming, the project value culminated in a $481,000 investment to connect a corner of Wyoming with the rest of the world.

Friends of Northwest Music

At Northwest College, we believe that music is a form of magic. Music lifts spirits, joins hearts and minds, and spreads joy. When music unites students and communities like ours, magic happens.  NWC’s students always get top-notch instruction in music theory, performance, history, technology and more. But aspiring performers and music technology students need outside-the-classroom experiences and exposure to high-caliber performers and opportunities. Performing for audiences around the region and connecting with other performers and teachers helps students to imagine the endless possibilities of a future in the music industry, and it also helps them build valuable relationships with industry movers and shakers. 

Friends of Northwest Music helps bring fresh, exciting cultural opportunities to our local communities while preparing a new wave of musicians to go out into the world to perform, teach, produce and create musical magic. By becoming a Friend, you will help NWC students travel to music festivals to learn and perform. You’ll also help NWC faculty retool their curriculum to keep up with rapid-fire changes in the music industry. And you’ll add a special magic to this place we all cherish and call home.  

Stethoscopes for Students

The Stethoscopes for Students program allows Northwest College alumni and friends to purchase a stethoscope for each incoming nursing and paramedic student. Since 2019, Stethoscopes for Students has launched the careers of over 75 students by providing their first stethoscope.


With your support, we can continue this tradition at Northwest College. Your support enhances the education of the next generation of highly-qualified nurses and paramedics that are vital contributors to our local healthcare system. Learn more here.



Global Passport Partners
Photo Sep 13, 5 44 00 PM.jpg

Join our Global Passport Partners group and help us foster global citizenship.

With the help of Global Passport Partners like you, we can contribute to a future where cultural awareness, inclusiveness, and global understanding are celebrated.

By bringing international students to our campus and sending as many students abroad as possible, Northwest College strives to be a leader in international education among rural community colleges. 

Help us support the values of diversity, tolerance, and openness to

new ideas that we hold so dear at NWC.

The Student Travel Endowment helps us provide the global perspective necessary to assist rural students in understanding our world as they travel and see firsthand things taught in the classroom.

The International Student Scholarship Endowment allows us to provide much needed financial help to our international students and recruit international students who, until now, have only been able to dream about receiving a higher education degree from the United States.


Students and their families are blown away by the financial aid available at Northwest College. In fact, almost half our students receive scholarships. Our donors support hundreds of scholarships earmarked for specific academic disciplines.

  • Learn more about our Scholarship Progam HERE.

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