Phi Theta Kappa
Honor Society

This is your chance to give back. Phi Theta Kappa needs you. Please help us send five chapter officers by helping us to raise the last $2,500 needed to meet our goal.
Your contribution will make a great difference.

The Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society recognizes the power of education and the power of action in community involvement. Members of the Phi Theta Kappa of Northwest College are working hard in their contribution to benefit the community and to impart cooperation within our own entity. Organizing events and activities is one way for Phi Theta Kappa students to engage and reach people in our community. Stop the Hunger, an event organized by Phi Theta Kappa members in mid-September, facilitated a food drive where canned, non-perishable items and cash donations were accepted and received by the Sodexo company for distribution to people in need. November has been a busy month for the PTK society as we designed and launched numerous projects, all aimed at creating a lasting impact and the betterment of our community. The honor society students hosted a major cultural event held for senior citizens at the Senior Center. This event brought many different cultures together and sparked community interest in diversity. Looking forward, one future project involves sending books to Pakistan to open a library. Phi Theta Kappa is continuously taking great strides to provide opportunities for community members to come together, learn together, and accomplish great things together.

Now you have an opportunity to help the Phi Theta Kappa team at Northwest College. PTK Catalyst is an annual convention where our members will be exposed to some substantial opportunities to meet representatives from four-year universities, improve life skills, discover new action projects, boost recognition of our hometown college, to learn and grow, and most importantly to bring future opportunity back to Powell. Our goal this year is simple. The Northwest College chapter would like to send five officers to the 2020 PTK Catalyst conference this spring. In order to accomplish this task, we must raise a total of $10,000 in funds. The five officers attending will include a few of our freshman. This would be a ground-breaking first-time occurrence for NWC to meet this goal. Allowing freshman Phi Theta Kappa officers to attend this conference will allow our newer members to prepare for their future leadership roles in the Powell chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. We aim to encourage our members to lead with ambition and to take-on new challenges for the amelioration of ourselves and our community.

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