Northwest College is surely ready for this campaign, and so is our entire community. This is a place of nurturing, access and affordability. Our economic vibrancy greatly relies on educating our future workforce. Between the splendid campus in Powell and the Cody Center, the potential is clearly there to make our region a real force in all things from healthcare to criminal justice to the arts.

Senator ALAN and Mrs. Ann Simpson
Honorary Co-Chairs of the Vibrancy Campaign

The reason Betsy and I have become supporters of NWC is we have seen the difference it can make in a young person’s life. Recently we had a single mother with small children tell us her scholarship allowed her to stay in school. In the long run, this support will produce amazing results for her family. In the past when we have given money to a bigger school, we get a pre-printed thank you card. When helping out those at Northwest, we get face-to-face contact and you can see, ‘yes, I really am helping to make a difference!’ My mother has a saying, ‘bloom where you are planted.’ We all have a duty to help our neighbors, and I invite you to join us.

Chris and Betsy Taggart | The Stoddard Foundation
Lead Donors to the Vibrancy Campaign 

I believe in this college. With an $88 million economic impact on our region, Northwest College has become our shared pride in Park County. It is part of the vitality of our community. This is our time to show we believe in the students, faculty and staff.

Chair of the Vibrancy Campaign

Our father’s commitment to Northwest and its students shaped our childhoods. His enthusiasm for the full breadth of the human experience and interest in nurturing talent of all sorts enriched our lives and those of so many others who passed through the campus. Through their work at Northwest, he and our mother contributed to an educational environment that prepared us on a level equal to any of our peers in a place that truly makes one feel at home. We’re delighted to support a campaign to reinvigorate the student experience and honor those who made Northwest College a place that supports personal growth, inquiry, service, and a greater understanding of the world.   

Jennifer DeWitt Walsh and John DeWitt, Jr.
Children of John and Josephine DeWitt 


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