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There is a warmth and a sense of caring at Northwest College. Students and alumni alike talk about professors who challenged their perspectives. They boast of friendships made here that last a lifetime. Our shared sense of belonging is the thread that binds us. Like the panels on a quilt, we bring different experiences to this place and in turn, our stories become the fabric of Northwest College. The DeWitt Student Center has given NWC more than 50 years of memories. It's a building filled with memories, but one that is crumbling. Its infrastructure, once mighty and strong, is now bending to water damage, irreparable pipes, and a rusted and crumbling façade.


It's time NWC’s tired bricks and mortar receive facelifts that alleviate health and safety concerns and support the innovation we are capable of delivering. Our students deserve the very best space to build their skills, sense of community and friendships. See the project timeline and proposed budget hereView a gallery of images to see some of the issues with the current Student Center. Below are renderings of the new building. It's time for a brand-new building that meets the needs today's students.


watch the student center fly-through 

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To learn more about the Student Center project, contact Executive Director for the NWC Foundation Shelby Wetzel at 307-754-6110 or

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