It’s time to Rendezvous for the Trappers. 

Interested in helping develop student champions?


Champions in the classroom, competition and life. 

Scholarships are the lifeblood of Northwest College Athletics and the Athletic Department's single largest annual expense.

 Recent budget reductions forced by declining college revenue have resulted in annual cuts of nearly $250,000 for NWC teams, which will dramatically affect the coaches’ ability to recruit quality players.  Raising scholarship money for student athletes is now a major focus of the Trapper boosters. 


Our “Trapper Champions” Endowed Scholarship campaign aims to develop an ongoing revenue stream for athletic scholarships so coaches can be confident of having resources to maintain competitive programs.   Without private investment, sustained losses in scholarship funding will:


  • Impact team quality/competiveness – Fewer dollars will limit the number of international athletes teams can afford to support; these players often anchor our teams’ talent which in turn supports other recruiting efforts.  Additionally, NWC’s average scholarship amount for Men’s teams ranks 5th among Wyoming community colleges, with Women’s teams ranking 5th.  Our goal should be to improve these standings, not drop further behind.

  • Eliminate athletic teams – For some sports, Wyoming is not a natural or preferred destination.  Without robust scholarships, programs may be eroded to point they will eventually be dropped.

  • Eliminate opportunity for STUDENT athletes – The dream of playing college sports is a powerful motivator for young students, many of whom are the first from their family to attend college.  Access to education opens additional doors for student athletes allowing them to become successful in life as well as on the playing field.