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It’s rare that just the mention of a name can bring a smile to your face. At least, that’s certainly the case for the late Ralph Newell, a longtime advocate and champion of Northwest College. A major proponent for the value of community colleges, he served on the NWC Board of Trustees from 1992-2002 and on the Foundation Board from 2005-2010.

But Newell, who had a longstanding passion for education, didn’t always have his sights set on NWC. Learn more about Newell and his story at nwc.edu/a/ralph-newell-08-2021

The Northwest College Foundation held its second annual Giving Day campaign Thursday, March 31. During this 24-hour giving blitz, 355 individuals donated $98,209 in support of the student center ($61,766.50), academic scholarships ($18,905.50), athletic scholarships ($10,510), and other campus support areas ($7,030). 

To learn more about Giving Day at NWC, see the news release


Giving Day 2022

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“He loved the College, and he loved his role on the board. He thought community colleges serve such a huge purpose and provide such wonderful value to people in rural areas.”
                                                                   – Nancy Gilmore

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Vibrancy: The Campaign for Northwest College celebrates our heritage and drives forward an imperative to transform our campus into an innovative, dynamic center for student learning and community vitality. We are moving forward to achieve a vibrancy in our buildings that matches the energy and drive of our students. We are putting their vision into practice. We are building a Student Center that enhances their out-of-classroom learning. This campaign intends to build a vibrant Student Center that will punctuate Northwest College’s sense of community and inclusion. The new Student Center will be a place of belonging – one that captures the Trapper spirit.