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Robyn Fleenor and Troy Hissam met for the first time at Northwest College in 1986. Robyn was a member of the Trapper volleyball team and Troy worked as a line judge at games. They were introduced at a party two weeks before classes started their freshman year and from that moment were inseparable.

For 10 years, it was just Troy and Robyn. Living in Colorado, Robyn taught school and Troy worked as a maintenance man and bartender for the local golf club.

Thank you to everyone who participated in NWC's 3rd annual Giving Day yesterday!! Because of your generosity, you helped us fund several projects across campus and raise a grand total of $137,851.

We couldn't have done it with out you. We're so grateful for the entire Trapper community!

To see the official campaign page, visit


Giving Day 2023

Hissam Scholarship honors a legacy to Love and Volleyball

Sadly, Troy passed away in August 2016 after suffering a heart attack while helping his parents organize their 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

In October 2019, Robyn contacted the NWC Foundation. She was considering creating a scholarship in Troy’s name. Within just a few years the Michael Troy Hissam Memorial Scholarship Endowment is fully endowed and continues to grow along with Troy’s legacy at NWC. 

Read more about their story here. To donate to Troy’s scholarship, visit the Northwest College Foundation website at

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Vibrancy: The Campaign for Northwest College celebrates our heritage and drives forward an imperative to transform our campus into an innovative, dynamic center for student learning and community vitality. We are moving forward to achieve a vibrancy in our buildings that matches the energy and drive of our students. We are putting their vision into practice. We are building a Student Center that enhances their out-of-classroom learning. This campaign intends to build a vibrant Student Center that will punctuate Northwest College’s sense of community and inclusion. The new Student Center will be a place of belonging – one that captures the Trapper spirit.  

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