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Online Resources & Self Assessment

Whether you are looking for a job, seeking professional development opportunities, or assessing and exploring your talents and employability, our online resources will move you closer to reaching your career goals. Take a career assessment to learn about careers that align with your personality, skills, and goals.

Focus 2 provides you with access to career assessments that look at your interests, values, personality, skills, and leisure preferences. You can combine the results of the assessments for a more accurate picture of which careers might be a good fit for you. FOCUS 2 also shows which majors at NWC line up with the careers that are recommended for you.

O*NET allows you to research occupation groups or individual careers. It provides information about the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to excel in the field; educational requirements; interests, work styles, and work values that line up with the field; related occupations; potential earnings, and projected job growth. 

Learn about the types of career areas and employers that hire people with each major

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