In a remarkable show of support, generous donors fund scholarships earmarked for specific academic disciplines, activity-talent areas and athletics at Northwest College. In 2018, 559 students received $1,198,337 from our various scholarship funds.

You have two ways to fund your scholarship at Northwest College.

  • Annual scholarships require annual contributions for the lifetime of the scholarship. Gift amounts are used to fund awards each year. A $500 minimum is suggested.
  • Endowed scholarships require a larger initial investment, but don’t necessitate ongoing contributions. Only the income from the gift is awarded each year. A $10,000 minimum is required. The $10,000 can be built over a period of up to five years. A small annual fee is charged to each endowed scholarship fund to help cover investment costs.


You will be involved in establishing the criteria for selecting a recipient. A written Memorandum of Understanding will set forth your intentions for scholarship name, academic program, geographic requirement, grade-point average, year in school and other possible parameters. A selection committee will review applicants to find a student who best matches your criteria. Our faculty members play an integral role in selecting scholarship recipients.

After you establish a scholarship, you will receive an invitation each year to meet and have lunch with your scholarship recipient, getting a chance to know more about your student. Our donors tell us that making a personal connection with a student is the most rewarding aspect of funding a scholarship.

Donors also receive a personal thank-you letter from recipients and an annual financial report detailing the activity related to your scholarship. Students who apply will see a profile with photo and biographical information to help them understand the special meaning behind the funds they receive.

The NWC Foundation will also handle “pass-through” awards to NWC students from organizations that administer their own scholarships.