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Please support the NWC Livestock Judging Team!


We are half way through our judging year and excited for what’s to come! We have been working hard as individuals and as a team. We pride ourselves in our work ethic and commitment not only in our judging career but the classroom and community as well.


The support we receive from our community, surrounding areas, and ranchers across the country means more than words can express. The generous families who donate their time allowing us to practice with their livestock and tour their operations has helped us grow and learn tremendously.


We are reaching out to ask for support to help pay for travel expenses such as meals, hotels, and team activities. The trips throughout each year include Louisville, Denver, Kansas City, Sioux Falls, Twin Falls, Houston and others.


Each judger has been challenged to raise $500 before February 10th.

We are beyond grateful for your support and we look forward to our future successes with your help.

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